Wedding Budgets & The 3 Key Ingredients.

In the last 12 months, I’ve been witness to an overwhelming trend in regards to all the clients that I’ve worked with. They all share the same goal and vision for their wedding reception. They all wish for their guests to enjoy themselves and to have fun.

For this to happen, the formula is very simple. The recipe is just made up with 3 key ingredients if you think about it. Food. Drink. Entertainment.

It really is that easy.

Feed them high quality and hearty food. Allow them to freely enjoy fine wine, bubbly and beer. Provide them with the best entertainment that you can possibly afford with your outlay.


Photo supplied by Iris Creation Photography.

These 3 key elements are the fundamental cornerstones to any successful wedding reception. These elements will most effectively help to maximise your guests’ experience on the night. These elements will help to ensure that your guests are put in the best possible mind frame to relax, socialise, interact and work themselves outside their comfort box (this is where the magic happens). These 3 key elements will stay with your guests, long after the last song has been played.

Considering this mindset – and for quite some time now – I believe that Australian bride and grooms need to reassess their priorities when it comes to planning and budgeting for their wedding day.

You can look at countless studies and statistics into Australian Wedding budgets. Depending on who you believe, they can range from $26,295, $36,000 up to $54,294 (Do remember that sometimes these studies can include the honeymoon costs).

Regardless of who you choose to believe, or whether you decide to make your mind up about your budget after talking to friends and family, I would strongly argue that the third element of this equation, the entertainment, often goes misrepresented and under-appreciated in the planning and budgeting process.

To be perfectly honest, it baffles me sometimes when the entertainment is left to take a back seat.

Yes! I honestly do realise that I’m tooting my own horn here – but I’m doing so only because of pure frustration and lack of hindsight within the wedding industry at the moment.

Please allow me to elaborate.

An excerpt from a recent client testimonial video;

“Your wedding should be a celebration and the entertainment should be at the core of that. What your guests will really notice is the good food, the good wine, the entertainment and the dancing – and the DJ sits at the center of all that.”

Ask anyone that has attended any function in the last 12 months – It all comes down to those 3 fundamentals of hosting any good event; great grub, fine wine and quality entertainment.

No other element that you plan to bring to your wedding day will make more of a difference and have more of an impact on your guests than these 3 key ingredients. Fact.

Just imagine what your day would be like if the music played at your wedding did not reflect you, or your audiences’ choice. Do you trust this important element to someone that you’ve never met before? Ask yourself if you wholeheartedly trust this person?

If you honestly don’t think entertainment is that important to your reception, could you imagine if your entertainment provider didn’t turn up on the night? Or perhaps did a horrendously or devastatingly bad job? What sort of night would it be? How would your guests react?

So when you are budgeting out your day, please allow for a decent and fair spend on high quality entertainment. More so – and considering my arguments above – do you believe there should be a planning process with your entertainment provider which will help to ensure a highly successful night for you and all of your guests? Why can’t your entertainment provider also give you their highly valuable industry experience and insight into the best possible structure and flow for your event? Don’t you want your guests to be having fun and enjoying themselves from the very moment they walk in the door?

Entertainment, whether that be a DJ or a band, really need to be at the top of your priority and budget lists.

These entertainers can help you to ensure that your wedding day is not only fun, but an experience you will never ever want to forget.

I’ve have countless feedback forms arrive in from my previous wedding events. On these forms I ask my clients to give me a percentage of the success of their event, attributed towards my entertainment services. I frequently receive back figures of 70%, 80%, 90% of the nights’ success that can be directly proportioned to my services.

Now, for an average $26,000 to $36,000 wedding, you do the math. How much do you think you should be spending on the entertainment?

A good entertainer is worth their weight in gold at your wedding. Even better, more times or not, you won’t actually have to produce gold in order to obtain one – just a fair price for a high quality and professional service. I promise you, it will be the best bang for buck that you’ll spend on your wedding day.