A Willingness to Serve.

I’ve had some truly terrible experiences in the last few months with some really well known businesses or brands. I sometimes feel that in this day and age it’s quite rare to do business with a company that truly wants to go that extra mile for their customers.

I for one, would rather pay a premium for a solid service experience.

Service to me should be all-inclusive. It should be all-caring. It should come from a place that truly wants their customer to have the best possible experience.

A business should listen carefully to their customers and openly discuss any issues that arise within the process of conducting business.

More so, following a business transaction, a business that prides itself on a premium service should want their customers to be leaving with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. Your customer should walk out the door with a big smile on their face, and warm-fuzzy feeling in their stomach. They’re truly glad that they paid for the best and they don’t regret a thing.

Stuart & Lisa. Photo (C) Tim Reynolds Photography.

Stuart & Lisa. Photo (C) Tim Reynolds Photography.

These customers become your business ambassadors. These customers can clearly see that your business is a cut above the rest, and they’ll quite gladly shout this fact at the top of their lungs to the rest of the world.

When you differentiate yourself and your business that far from the rest of the market, good things truly come your way.

It’s so much easier for people to see the tangible differences — and as I mentioned at the top of this article, I feel that it’s quite rare to find this genuine trait within a service industry these days.

So ask yourself a question next time you are looking to secure the services of a particular business. Do they truly have a genuine willingness to serve me? Will my custom be valued and will it make a small but positive difference for this organisation? Is this transaction going to be a solid joint venture for both the customer and the business? Will it be a win-win situation?

If your answer to any of these questions are an unmistakably “no”, I would strongly suggest that you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Here, with my own business, I must insist on the value of quality over quantity. I’d rather do good business with just a handful of clients, rather than focus on the vast amount of events that I can get done in a particular year.

I want these handful of clients to have the best possible experience with my company – and in no way do I want them to be disappointed with the service they receive, either prior to, or on their wedding night.

More so, when the event is wrapped up and they continue on with life, I want this couple to look back on our time together as an amazing and positive experience. I want them to walk away thinking that it was one of the best things they’ve ever taken part in.

Business is sometimes a dirty word. People do associate this word with ‘money’, and the ‘bottom line’ on a bank statement. I’m here to tell you, to some, a business is something that can be positive and life changing. Some business managers or owners do live to serve. Sometimes they too, have been in crummy situations and have had negative experiences with other businesses in their own day-to-day lives. The trick for you as a customer is to seek out these business owners or managers who understand this concept – and truly want for you to have the best possible experience.