Wedding Photography.

A good photographer is truly worth their weight in gold. The problem that I sometimes see within the industry is that photographers are typically only booked up-to the first dance.

If you are considering this approach to your wedding event, I would suggest that you are only planning to capture half of the picture.

A brilliant example by Gemma @ Iris Creations Photography

A brilliant example by Gemma @ Iris Creations Photography –

When brides and grooms first sit down with me, I typically ask them to describe their night in three words. A vast majority of the clients that I book say ‘fun’ as their first descriptive noun.

If so, why not capture this memory? This is what I don’t understand.

With all of my wedding events, I do plan to entertain and ‘wow’ your guests from the moment they walk in the door. I really do believe that engaging your crowd and involving your guests in the opening hour of your night is vitally to any good reception. HOWEVER, please do remember – when it comes to the raw ‘fun’ and letting loose, especially on the dance floor, it typically does happen towards the last few hours of your reception.

Put this this way – and try to visualise this. A packed dance floor. Full of your closest friends and family. They’re throwing their hands up at the end of the night and singing along at the top of their lungs. They’re arm-in-arm and all smiles. You’ve never seen your mum dance quite like this before. You couldn’t believe your Dad could smile like that. Isn’t this a memory that you would want captured too?

Simply, your photographer should be charging enough to do your event properly. For you and your reception, if that means staying until midnight to get those precious and possibly once-in-a-lifetime memories, I say ‘why not?’.

I for one don’t charge by the hour any more. I feel that this out-dated model is dead. When you book me, you book me for the day. It’s all inclusive. I do whatever it takes to get the job done the way you truly desire. I feel the same should be said with your photographer too (or any other vendor for that matter).

So ask yourself again. Why is your photographer of your wedding reception going home at 8:30pm again?

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