Are you looking for a whole new way of bringing fun interactivity to your wedding? Especially in the early hours of the night? Consider Eversnap.

I had a great experience over the weekend with this crazy-good app. Eversnap allows your guests to create and add-to your very own, always online wedding album – both photos and videos. You may have seen smartphone apps in the past that have done this, but Eversnap is a little bit different.


Firstly, this app has a fabulous design. It is very easy to pickup and use without any sort of experience or technical know-now. Your mum and dad will have no problems with it – your photo album on your phone will even look and feel a little bit like Facebook with the ability to like and comment on photos.

The ‘back-end’ of the app is very well designed too and has great support and features.

More so, this app also can enable you to run a live slideshow on the night, straight from your online photo album. Better yet, this slideshow can be moderated too. You can let Eversnap know what sort of photos you desire. That way you don’t get your grandfather’s hairy chest (or worse) coming up on your projector!

I feel that this is a much better option than a photobooth (sorry to my photobooth colleagues). It allows your guests to become immersed in your night – while still maintaining overall control with the moderation feature of the slideshow. It’s fun and extremely dynamic and interactive.

So many times throughout the night I saw guests snapping fun and happy photos. They’d then watch the screen for the next few minutes and then scream out in delight when they saw their new photo up on the projector. It became a little bit of a competition to who could snap the best photo – who could best demonstrate how much fun they were truly having.

With so many people having smartphones at your wedding, why not take advantage of this? It’s something that you can remind guests of upon arrival, during cocktail hour, after entrees, going into main-course. It’s a fun and interactive way to keep them involved and very much apart of the night during the early hours of your wedding reception. At the end of it too, you’ll have a great record of your night, as seen by your guests. Often this is the unseen side of the night, as you’ll be so busy trying to connect with and see all of your family and friends.

The best news yet, it’s extremely well priced. Bang for buck, it’s amazing value.

This is something I’ll be bringing to the table for all my client meetings in the feature. Better yet, this is something I can offer to my bride and grooms now. I’d be more than happy to organise this up for you, to set it up the technical aspects on the night, to ensure that we remind your guests to get involved and truly become apart of your event.

I’m always available on a full-time basis to have a chat. Please send me an email if you would like to sit down with me. Peter Yacono Productions, Your Melbourne Wedding DJ.