Booking the Act.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of having my CDs stolen at one of my events. I learnt that leaving my van unlocked for any period of time, even very short periods, isn’t a great idea.

A side from replacing what were back-up CDs for my system (as everything is laptop based these days), I really did gain another lesson from this experience.

Music Piracy

I thought, even if this unfortunate person who has stolen my entire music collection arrived at your event and tried to entertain your guests, he/she still wouldn’t be me. Even thought this ‘want-to-be’ DJ has my entire tool-kit of music at their disposal, they still wouldn’t perform like *me*. Unrestricted access to a music collection that has been created, honed and shaped for the last 10 years of my DJing career – still, nothing like me.

This got me thinking.

When I first started off in this business, all that we talked about was music and the gear. We loved talking about the gear. Lots of gear.

What lights do you run? What decks do you use? You should definitely book me because I use Pioneer gear and can mix better than the next guy.

In the last 3-5 years, this conversation has really been put on the back-burner. Sure, it’s still an important issue to talk about with your colleagues and clients, however there are more pressing things to talk about now.

So now, instead of talking about the tools (including that stolen music collection), we talk about the service and sort of characteristics that an entertainer can bring to your event.

What sort of style is your entertainer? Does he have a more formal attire, or perhaps he’s a ‘party-based’ DJ? What style will align best with the event that you are going for? How does he or she interact with your guests? Are they quite vocal on the microphone and try to get your guests involved in games, air-guitaring and¬†maraca shaking, or do they take a more passive approach? What vibe is it that you are going for? What do you think your guests will be more comfortable and responsive to?

Even if this music thief has obtained my entire music collection, I would highly doubt that they would do a comparable job. It’s about the craft that one hones over the years, the experience and knowledge that this person is going to do a solid job for you at your event. It’s the trust that you instill in an entertainer to be dynamic and flexible on your night, that ensures that every single guest at your celebration feels included and has an amazing time.

It’s no longer about the gear or the tools. It’s about the personality and the right fit for your event. Ask your next wedding entertainer about his or her style, and tell them exactly what you are going for, in regards to the vibe/feel of your next event.

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