Ceremony Music. Underrated.

You cannot underestimate how important good entertainment is for your wedding day. Unfortunately not enough bride and grooms include this most important factor into their overall wedding budget.

This same principle goes for your ceremony too.

Nicola & Lachie

Nicola & Lachie – 26.10.13

If your ceremony is at the same location as your reception, I do encourage you to talk to your entertainer or DJ about helping you with the ceremony component of your night.

When your celebrant is meant to be the ‘master of ceremonies’ during your ceremony formalities, the last thing you want is  him or her to be running back and forward, worrying about the music. I’ve seen this done so many times. It’s always been handled poorly. Unless your celebrant has a dedicated assistant to help them, I highly recommend that you talk to your entertainer or DJ about this most important hour (or so).

What about music for your guests to arrive to at your ceremony? So many bride and grooms forget about this important element too.

You want to minimise those awkward silences and abrupt endings in your music. You want to make the process smooth and seamless.

When your celebrant has to run back to his iPod, quickly cut the music, and then run back to the front of aisle, it’s just awkward and completely unnecessary.

Have you also thought about the QUALITY of your audio too, for this ceremony component? If you are having your ceremony outdoors, and your celebrant is bringing a battery powered speaker, on a windy day, this simply might not work.

I cannot think of anything worse that not being able to hear your celebrant at the back of a ceremony, due to poor audio equipment.

What about for your ceremony readers? Or when you read your partner your vows? Do you want the people in the back to be able to hear this quite clearly and remain 100% involved in your special moment? I personally wouldn’t want to risk this.

Hire a professional. Hire a professional who will sit with you, talk out these little details, put a plan into place and liaise with the key vendors/venues involved in your day. This formula will give you a reception (and ceremony) that will be memorable for the right reasons.

Melbourne Wedding DJ – Peter Yacono