Wedding Venues. The Underbelly.

I wanted to share some of my experiences with wedding reception venues over the years. At the risk of getting off on the wrong foot, I must explicitly state that most venues show a tremendous amount of care and detail when planning and executing your wedding day. Some however, simply don’t.

There is often an ‘underbelly’ to these wedding reception venues, and unless you have worked with the venue before, or personally attended a wedding there, you simply won’t know.

Entourage - Season 3, Ep 12: "Sorry, Ari"

Entourage – Season 3, Ep 12: “Sorry, Ari”

I don’t know if you are an ‘Entourage’ (HBO) fan, I do apologise, but I’m referencing a scene:

There is a scene where Vince is shopping around for a new agent, after giving Ari the flick. Much like you shopping for your wedding DJ, he’s given many different options. All do vary tremendously. Some agencies were more generic, some were more personal, some showed off that they did their homework, some didn’t…

When visiting Josh Weinstein’s agency, they were blown away with the up-front customer service, attention to detail and high-class personalisation. Turtle, being very street smart and a part of Vince’s entourage is quick to point out that they shouldn’t be so quick to judge, and that there is often an ‘underbelly’ that lies within these types of agencies.

Unfortunately, this can be the case for some venues that I have worked with in the 10 years of putting on wedding events. Unless you talk to a client who has been through the process before with the venue, or perhaps, even a vendor, you won’t really know until your big day.

You won’t really know how flexible or caring they’ll truly be. How will you know for sure that they’ll go the extra mile for you on your special day?

After all (touch wood), you’ll only get one wedding day – yet some venues might treat your day ‘just like the hundreds that they’ve done before yours’.

Will the sales person who you book the wedding with be there to run your event on the day? Or will you be handed off to another event manager?

So I guess what I’m asking you to think about is to have a chat to your preferred vendors about wedding reception locations, BEFORE you put that deposit down. Us wedding entertainers contain extremely valuable and insider information about the wedding industry. I’ve been to 100’s of venues in Melbourne (and surroundings), and could probably tell you what venue might work for you and your vision.

It’s not uncommon now for bride and grooms to book the entertainment before they book the reception place. This is very flattering – and I promise you, when it happens, your entertainer will go that extra mile with that insider information, to ensure that the end product is exactly what you are after.

Melbourne Wedding DJ – Peter Yacono